What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a CRM specialized on managing contacts and deals. It allows surveilling contacts, deals, communication and provides insights to control the flows easier. The integration adds the possibility to subscribe contacts to Maileon using a DOI process and allows sending transactions, when a deal is created or changed.

Installing The Plugin

The first step is to install the app from the marketplace. Just select the marketplace (Figure 1), search for the Maileon app (Figure 2) and press the install button (Figure 3). The app will ask for the following permissions (Figure 4):

  • Access to basic information
    This is a basic permission which is mandatory for all apps.

  • Administer account

This is the most critical permission, which is required as webhooks need to bet set up and as the permission management is not very fine grained, this permission is required.

  • Contacts: Read only
    This is required to submit new subscribers to Maileon.

  • Deals: Read only
    This is required for submitting deals as transactions towards Maileon.

Figure 1: Accessing the Marketplace
Figure 2: Searching for Maileon app
Figure 3: Maileon app
Figure 4: Granting permissions

Configuring Pipedrive

If the plugin activation process was successful, you will be redirected to the page of the plugin, where you can enter the settings (Figure 5 and Figure 6).

For accessing the configuration later, log into Pipedrive and go to this URL:

  • Maileon API key
    You have to create a new API key in your Maileon account, then place the key here.

  • Permission
    Select the permission you want to give to the new contacts who will be added in your Maileon account

  • DOI process
    If it's enabled, then a DOI process will be started when a new contact is added to your Maileon account from Pipedrive.

  • DOI mailing ID
    If you enabled the DOI process, then you can add the ID of the DOI mailing here.

  • Contacts sync to Maileon
    If you would like to sync your Pipedrive contacts with your Maileon account, then enable this option. If it's enabled, 3 webhooks will be created automatically. These webhooks will synchronize the contacts when you create, refresh and delete them. It won't work with the contacts you created earlier in your Pipedrive account.

  • Deals sync to Maileon
    If this option is enabled, a contact event will be created in your Maileon account after you add or a new deal to a contact or update an existing deal in Pipedrive.

Figure 5: Configuration panel
Figure 6: Filled configuration

After setting up the plugin, it can be managed in the “Tools and apps” section (Figure 7) under “Marketplace apps” (Figure 8). Here, the plugin can also be deleted.

Figure 7: Finding the installed app
Figure 8: App overview and deinstallation button

Using the Plugin

After a successful installation, the plugin will provide a new option “Newsletter” when creating a new person. Here, the new contact can be subscribed to the Maileon newsletter (Figure 9). This option can of course also be viewed and edited in the details of the contact (Figure 10 and Figure 11).

The following contact data is submitted:

  • Firstname

  • Lastname

  • Fullname

  • Organization

  • External ID (Pipedrive ID)

  • createdByPipedrive (customfield)

Figure 9: Registering a new person
Figure 10: Checking existing persons
Figure 11: Editing an existing person

The first time a new deal is created or an existing deal is updated, a transaction type called “pipedrive_deal_added” or “pipedrive_deal_updated” is created in Maileon and will be filled with the data (Figure 12 and Figure 13). The purpose of these transactions is to allow using the data in Maileon for filtering interesting contacts, not sending them mails about updated deals.

Figure 12: Contact events for deals (adding + update) in Maileon
Figure 13: Attributes of the transaction events