PrestaShop 1.7.1+

PHP 7.0+


What this module does for you:

  • Sync Customers with Maileon and PrestaShop

  • Create new subscribers with PrestaShop

  • Send cart abandoner notifications

  • Send order confirmations



Download the plugin here:

Navigate to Modules->Module Manager.


Click on “Upload a module” and select the downloaded zip file.


We recommend to disable the standard module „Newsletter subscription“ in the category „Promotions & Marketing“. Otherwise your customers will see two newsletter subscription forms. PresatShop default and Maileon



In the configuration menu of the Maileon Plugin you need to enter your API Key for Maileon.

This API Key can be obtained in your Maileon Account.

Once entered you should receive a successfull connection test message.

If the test was not successfull please check your API Key.

Next you should set your preferred DOI Key and DOI method.


Subscription form:

The module shows by default a subscrion form in the footer of your shop.

You can disable this form with the option „Newsletter subscription in page footer“.



Cart Abandonment:

You can define the time for Maileon to send a notification for a cart abandonment

The timer will be reset with every update to the customers cart.

Cart Abandonments need a cronjob to work which you have to configure manually on your server.

The full URL for the cron to execute is displayed in the config menu.


Order Confirmations:

Every succesfull order will create a transaction in maileon which can be used to send out trigger mails or start an margeteing automation.

You can disable this behaviour in the config menu




Webhooks are used to report back changes to data in Maileon to your PrestaShop.

In your Maileon Account navigate to Settings->Account->Webhooks

If you do not have the webhooks option enabled please contact the XQueue service team.

The URLs needed for the Webhooks are displayed in the bottom of the PrestaShop config menu.

Please activate in the webhook configuration in Maileon the settings for „include JSON information“ and „External ID“.



The two webhooks that are optional but recommened are:

DOI Confirm & Unsubscription

In case of such an event in Maileon the information will automatically be passed to your PrestaShop by the configured URLs.