1. Install the plugin by clicking on Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin



After installation you will find a new menu point: Maileon with three sub menus


1. Settings


Maileon API-Key:

Your Maileon API Key. Created in your Maileon account


Initial Permission for new contacts:

The permission new contacts receive when saved in Maileon.

If you want to send Double Optin emailst to the contacts choose „no permission available“.


Action to take for new contact with „no permission“:

If you chose „no permission available“ you can active a Double Optin Mail with this setting.

You can choose between DOI and DOI+.

DOI+: Maileon will be allowed to track opens and clicks of the contact.


DOI-Key of mailing used for DOI:

If you have multiple Double Optin mailings in your account you can specifiy with this setting which shall be used. Leave empty for default DOI.


Offer a newsletter-subscription during checkout:

To sync contacts to Maileon a user is required to check this option during checkout.

If this option is not provided during checkout or the users does not click it the contact will not be synced to Maileon.

This has no effect on transactions. Transactions will be send to Maileon when enabled regardless of user action.


Send transaction when the user abandons a cart:

When enabled the plugin will automatically create the necessary contact event in Maileon.

You can select after which time period the plugins searches for abandoned carts and send the cart data to Maileon. Carts of anonymous users without an email will not be send to Maileon.


Send transaction after checkout:

When enabled the plugin will automatically create the necessary contact event in Maileon.

When enabled every successfull checkout will be send to Maileon as a contact event including all order and product details.



2. Maileon

This page displays numerous information about the status of the plugin.

If you encounter a problem or bug please include a screenshot of this page in your report.



3. Contacts

This page is a contact protocol including all details about actions taken to every single contact.