Typo3 v12 LTS


The module transfers the data of newsletter subscribers from Typo3 to Maileon. Since version 2.5.0, no contact data is stored in Typo3, which makes it easier to set up, as the flow of information from Maileon to Typo3 (DOI confirmers and unsubscribers) is no longer required.
All parameters of the transmission can be set via variables in Typo3.


Install with Composer

The extension can also be installed with Composer as a local package.

The extension package should be placed in a dedicated, local directory: documentroot/packages.

Once this directory exists, update the installations composer.json and add this directory as a new repository:

{ "repositories": [ { "type": "path", "url": "packages/*" }, ], }

Then run composer require to the install the local extension typo3-maileon-integration with vendor xqueue:

composer req xqueue/typo3-maileon-integration:@dev

By executing this command, Composer locates xqueue/typo3-maileon-integration and then symlinks it to typo3conf/ext/typo3-maileon-integration

Install with Zip package



Install via Packagist



Inserting TypoScript

To insert a TypoScript for the plugin, first select "List" in the menu on the left. Then select the page root element in the page administration. Then edit the current TypoScript record.


Select the Advanced Options tab at the top. In the next step, the value "Configuration for Typo 3 - Maileon integration (typo3_maileon_integration)" is added to the list of selected objects under the item "Includes". Then click to Save.


Plugin configuration

After logging into the backend, the configuration can be found in the constants of the template.
The easiest way to adjust the configuration is via the TypoScript Object Browser:


The following settings can be made here:

  1. apiKey: Maileon API key (required).

  2. doiMailingKey: The DOI mailing key, should not the default mailing set in Maileon be sent to obtain the permission. This value can be overwritten at form level.

  3. debug: Flag to display debug output. Possible values: 0, 1

  4. targetPermission: Target permission after clicking on the DOI link. Analogous to the Maileon API, 4 (DOI) or 5 (DOI+ = DOI including permission for single user tracking) can be specified.

Insert newsletter subscribe form

The registration plugin must now be displayed on the page where the registration form is to be displayed. To do this, click on the button for adding new content elements.


In the dialogue that now opens, the type "General Plugin" must be selected under "Plugins".


The content block can then be edited and under "Plugin" it can be selected whether it is a login or logout form. After selecting the type, you can also specify which pages are to be forwarded to in the event of a success or error.

The subscribe form

The subscription form can be adapted in the html form file:


Forms with different DOI mailings

Since version 2.1.0 it is possible to set the DOI key on a page, which is used when registering a contact. This makes it possible to link different forms with different DOI mailings. A DOI key is set as a TypoScript constant set:

plugin.tx_typo3maileonintegration.settings.doiMailingKey = ...

This is possible on any page within the TYPO3 page tree and is inherited by all sub-pages, provided it is not overwritten there.

Go to Site Management → TypoScript, select the page where the form is located (in the example this is now the Simple page) and after follow these steps: